Content Policy

Prohibited Content

Per the Truffle terms of service, the usual categories of content are prohibited on all mint pages, including (but not limited to) content that is:

  • Unlawful or illegal
  • Threatening, harassing or abusive
  • Libelous or defamatory
  • Invasive of privacy or publicity rights
  • Encouraging of criminal conduct or activity
  • Infringing on another's trademarks or intellectual property
  • Promoting violence

We reserve the right to remove access to mint pages without notice or liability if we believe in our sole discretion a mint page violates our Content Policy or otherwise breaches the Truffle terms of use.

f you wish to notify us of a possible violation of our Content Policy, please contact us at [email protected] and include a link to the content at issue.

Removed Mint Pages

If a mint page is marked as Removed, it was likely taken down due to either:

  • A legal complaint from a third-party (such as a trademark or copyright holder).
  • A manual action taken by our team who determined the page violated our content policy and/or terms of service.

To address this, please contact us at [email protected].

Removing a Truffle mint page does not remove NFTs or other content from the Solana blockchain. Users are always responsible for the content they put on-chain.

Intellectual Property

If you believe your own Intellectual Property is being infringed upon, please refer to section 11 of our terms of service and follow the instructions regarding notice and procedure for making claims of copyright or other intellectual property infringements.

Please note that by submitting a notification of claimed infringement, you agree that details about the notification may be shared with the impacted user.

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